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Terms & Conditions of Boarding

Brookfield’s, Green Barns Lane, Little Hay, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 0QN

Telephone: 01543 480724 / 07880 871081


By visiting our website or making any booking you are agreeing in full to all our terms and conditions without exception


A minimum deposit of 25% or the full amount must be paid at the time of booking to secure and will be held for one week from that date. This will be confirmed on receipt of a booking form, signed and completed by a confirmation email with the dates you have booked and details of any outstanding full balance. 

If the booking form and signed terms and conditions are not received within 7 days (unless agreed otherwise) then the booking will be cancelled.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Should ANY of your details on the booking form change, including card details, you must notify Brookfields immediately.


Daily Rate: £35.00 per night.  Additional dog/s £22.00 per night each.

This rate may be subject to increase at any time.


Payments can be made by cash, card, cheque or BACS. Please contact us for our bank details.

Any booking of £180 or less must be paid in FULL at time of booking

Any booking made less than 14 days of commencement of boarding/arrival date must be paid for in FULL at time of booking.

All rates are daily. Boarding fees will be charged at prevailing rate at time of departure.     

Bookings which include any dates from 24th December through to 1st January must be paid in full no later than 7th December.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and all other bank holidays will be charged at double rate.

If any booking is cancelled, we must receive notification in writing as telephone cancelations alone are NOT accepted. If written notice is not received by Brookfields you will still be liable to settle the full amount.

Deposits will only be transferred if written cancellation or alteration is received 30 days before the intended arrival date.

Should any bookings be cancelled for whatever reason 14 days or less before the start date, then the full outstanding amount is still chargeable.

There are no extra charges for us to administer medication supplied by you for your dog(s) during their stay at Brookfield’s. These will be administered as per the instructions you give us and Brookfields will not be liable for any reaction to any medication but will treat accordingly under veterinary instruction and any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner.


Dogs only accepted or returned during the times given unless previously agreed.

Drop offs only from 9am-11.45am & 1pm-3pm every day.

When a booking is made, a fixed date and time on which the owner will bring or collect their dog will be agreed and confirmed on a booking confirmation email. Please keep to these times or contact us to advise any changes as soon as possible. Late collections may incur further charges.

If the owner wishes to collect their dog before the agreed collection date, they may do so but will remain liable to pay boarding fees up to the agreed collection date


All dogs must be fully vaccinated, have current vaccination certificate and all boosters must be up to date. Vaccination certificates must be produced on arrival or before, as the health & welfare of our guests is important to us.

We cannot accept any dog without proof of up to date inoculations, including kennel cough vaccination.

It is the owner’s responsibility to provide this information on the day of arrival or before.

Dogs must be fit and in good health and must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvovirus. We also request that your dog has been vaccinated for kennel Cough a minimum of 14 days prior to boarding at Brookfield’s.

If any dog, on arrival, has not had its Kennel Cough vaccination more than 14 days before hand or proof of all current vaccinations is not provided, we will be forced to refuse and the full outstanding balance will still be payable.

While every level of bio security is taken by us to prevent Kennel Cough and following detailed veterinary advice, it is impossible to give a 100% guarantee due to the wide variety of types and strengths of the virus. As only the common types are covered by vaccination, there is always a possibility of a very occasional dog being susceptible and show symptoms. As this very rare possibility is out of our hands, Brookfield’s will not be held responsible should this occur.

All dogs’ details regarding behaviour and aggression will be taken during the booking process and initial assessment period. However, should any dog/s show continued aggression that is likely to cause serious injury to members of staff and cannot be controlled, then owners or their emergency contact will be contacted for the dog/s to be collected immediately from the kennels. In such an event, no refund will be applicable under any circumstances.

All dogs, particularly with longer, thicker coats, will be kept as clean and brushed as possible with the time available. It is recommended that for dogs with high maintenance coats that a full groom is booked for the end of their stay if they are the type that need excessive daily brushing that we cannot always provide.

It is understood that whilst every effort is taken for the care and wellbeing of your dog(s) they are left at the owner’s risk.  In the event of injury to or illness to your dog, Brookfield’s will instruct our appointed veterinary surgeon. Treatment will be charged for on departure date. Also, belongings (such as toys, blankets, beds, leads, collars, bowls) are also left at the owner’s risk and Brookfields will not be responsible for loss or damage however caused.

Our staff are trained to be polite, helpful and cooperative. We will not tolerate abuse, rudeness or disrespect and have zero tolerance to such behaviour from any customer/s. In such an event we reserve the right to cancel any booking/s at any time and any refund for any payment/s will not be applicable.

By visiting our website or making any booking you are agreeing in full to all our terms and conditions without exception