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We now have strict safety procedures in place  to protect our customers and staff.

On arrival there are clear notices of instructions which we ask you to abide by at all times.

**Please just bring your dogs, food, any special treats, paperwork if required. Ensuring your dogs vaccinations are up to date before boarding. **

All dogs will be safely sanitised on arrival and before departure using a spray called Leucillen.

Leucillin is also proven to be effective against all strains of covid-19. This is what we use to spray on your dogs when you bring them into the reception before their boarding or being groomed. Its also handy to use before and after you have walked your dog, especially if your dog is very friendly and likes to go up to everyone and every dog in the park.

To help any of your concerns about this product is 100% safe on all skin types.

Not only is it suitable for dogs but cats, horses and birds too.

Leucillin is an antiseptic spray , its 100% safe on All skin types and can be used on any body part for any problem , such as….

* Dry,flakey and smelly skin
* Itchy skin
* Sore paws
* Weeping eyes
* Irritated ears

It can also be used on  scratches, cuts and bites, its fast acting and effectively kills germs! So very handy to have in your first aid kit for your pet.

It is also AMAZING  at soothing and calming any irritation.

We have used this product on our own dogs & cats and have been amazed by the results we have experienced.

If you would like to purchase a bottle or want to know more information please get in touch with Stacey at The Grooming Room. This product is on sale in our reception.  

With the lifting of some restrictions
any cancellations due to proven COVID-19 restrictions or sanctions will have any payments held in credit. Our normal terms and conditions will now be reinstated for any cancellation for any other reason.