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Canine Care

Animal welfare is at the core of our business practice and we take it extremely seriously. We adhere to a strict hygiene and cleaning regime which we carry out daily. Our guests have close contact with people from early in the morning until late at night, and are let out for regular walks and play.

Life at Brookfield’s

There’s something for every dog at Brookfield’s. We can offer an action packed activity holiday for playful dogs that love football, tennis, frisbee, and making up their own games. Or, if your dog prefers to sit and watch the world go by, we’ll sit and watch it with them.

In the summer months, we invite our guests to join us by the side of a small lake where most enjoy a good paddle to cool down. Our beautiful grounds are securely fenced and completely safe, so your dog can run around and play freely whether they prefer solitude or being in groups.

What to bring with you for your dog/s holiday

Your dogs usual diet, bagged up into portions or for longer stay in an air tight container with own measuring cup clearly marked. Container to be clearly labelled with feeding instructions. Feeding your dog/s it's usual diet is what is best for your loved one to avoid any upset and change to it's diet, keeping you dog in the same condition.

We recommend that you bring a couple of his/her favorite toys, own bed, and two blankets one to put in room and one as a spare. Your dogs bedroom will have smells that they are familiar with and make them feel comfortable and at home. As our rooms are home from home.

Why wait until the last minute? Contact us now to secure your dog a place in our canine care centre.